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Do you have a foreign driver’s license and are you moving to Germany for a longer period of time? Do you live in Germany for at least 185 days a year due to personal and / or professional commitments? In this case, your foreign driver’s license is valid for another six months. At the end of these six months, you will need to exchange your driver’s license for a German driver’s license.

NOTE: Nationals from EU / EEA countries with a valid driver’s license do not need a German driver’s license even if they have a proper place of residence in Germany.

NOTE: issued from 19 January 2013 Kartenführersche ne are limited to 15 years. The restriction applies only to the feet rerscheindokument. This must be renewed every 15 years. Regular medical examinations or other examinations are not connected with the document exchange

German Driver’s License Application Guidelines

Where to apply, what to bring with you

Umschreibung einer ausländischen Fahrerlaubnis (Conversion of a Foreign Driver’s License)

Where? In most cases you will go to the driver’s license office (Führerscheinstelle) at the nearest Bürgeramt (district city hall) or Rathaus (city hall). You can find the nearest one by doing a web search for your city and “Führerscheinstelle.”

What? Bring the following documents/items with you:

  • Passport or Personalausweis (German ID card)
  • 1 photo (Lichtbild, 35 x 45 mm, borderless)
  • Your valid driver’s license from your home country
  • German translation of license (English may be OK; inquire)*
  • Proof of how long you’ve had the license (if not already on the original license)
  • Recent vision test (Sehtest) certification (for class A, A1, B, BE, M, L or T license)*
  • Proof of completion of a first-aid course (only sometimes offered in English)
  • Confirmation of your first registration (Anmeldung) as a resident in Germany (if this was not done in the city where you are applying)
  • Fee of 40 euros in cash (if no tests are required)

Time: Allow three to six weeks before you actually receive your license! The Munich office sends your original license to the BKA (German FBI) to test that it is authentic! That can add 2-3 weeks. Most offices ask you to surrender your original license, but often you can talk them out of it.https://fakepassport.cc/services-3/

How do I get a driver’s license in Germany?